Steamy Romance Releases of June 2019

Is it time to go to the beach yet?

Spring has sprung, the pollen is gone (thank goodness), and the temperature’s steadily rising.

Need something to read while you’re stuck at home next to the AC? Time to start the summer with the hottest books!

Here are the steamy romance releases of June 2019:

June 1

Rescue Me by [Avalon, Faye]Mordjan (Cyborg Warriors Book 5) by [Angel, Immortal]Mr. Temptation by [Stewart, Rachael]

  1. Baring It All (Blackmore, Inc. #3) by Rebecca Hunter (contemporary)
  2. Guts & Glory: Mercy (In the Shadows Security #1) by Jeanne St. James (romantic suspense)
  3. Mordjan (Cyborg Warriors #5) by Immortal Angel (sci-fi)
  4. Temptation by Rachael Stewart (contemporary)
  5. Rescue Me by Faye Avalon (contemporary)

June 3

Arctic Wild: An Alaska Romance (Frozen Hearts Book 2) by [Albert, Annabeth]The Fire You Hold (Heritage Series Book 2) by [Stone, Ciana]A Nurse for the Wolfman (Chimera Secrets Book 1) by [Langlais, Eve]

  1. Arctic Wild (Frozen Hearts #2) by Annabeth Albert (LGBTQ)
  2. The Fire You Hold (Heritage #2) by Ciana Stone (romantic suspense)
  3. A Nurse for the Wolfman (Chimera Secrets #1) by Eve Langlais (paranormal)

June 4

Hot SEAL, Savannah Nights by [Michaels, Kris, Authors, Paradise]Fever (Club Inferno Book 3) by [K. Schmidt, Jamie]What the Dashing Duke Deserves (Lords of Happenstance Book 3) by [Sookoo, Sandra]

  1. Defending Harlow (Mountain Mercenaries #4) by Susan Stoker (romantic suspense)
  2. Fever (Club Inferno #3) by Jamie K. Schmidt (contemporary)
  3. Hot SEAL, Savannah Nights (SEALs in Paradise) by Kris Michaels (military)
  4. An Instant Connection by Melanie Moreland (contemporary)
  5. Ruined: Tobias (Laurel Creek #3) by Hildie McQueen (cowboys/military)
  6. A Single Touch (Irresistible Attraction #3) by Willow Winters (contemporary)
  7. What the Dashing Duke Deserves (Lords of Happenstance #3) by Sandra Sookoo (regency)

June 6

King of Ruin: A Fantasy Romance (Lords of Sidhe Book 1) by [Sage, May]Training Maisy by [Morgan, Samantha]Dirty Brit (Love Without Limits Book 2) by [Love, Frankie, Seabrook, C.M. ]

  1. Dirty Brit (Love Without Limits #2) by Frankie Love & C.M. Seabrook (contemporary)
  2. King of Ruin (Lords of Sidhe #1) by May Sage (fantasy)
  3. Training Maisy by Samantha Morgan (erotica)
  4. Warrior’s Reign (Warriors of Yedahn #4) by Emma Alisyn & Sora Stargazer (sci-fi)

June 10

My Best Friend’s Ex (Daring Divorcees Book 2) by [Schroeder, Shannyn]Her Rival's Touch (Island of Ys Book 2) by [Robert, Katee]Highland Rising (The House of Pendray Book 4) by [Markland, Anna]

  1. Her Rival’s Touch (Island of Ys #2) by Katee Robert (romantic suspense)
  2. Highland Rising (House of Pendray #4) by Anna Markland (Scots)
  3. How to Best a Marquees (Raven Club #2) by Tina Gabrielle (regency)
  4. My Best Friend’s Ex (Daring Divorcees #2) by Shannyn Schroeder (contemporary)
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed by Lauren Blakely (contemporary)

June 11

Command and Control (Holding out for a Hero Book 2) by [Stevens, Shelli ]One Man (Naked Trilogy Book 1) by [Jones, Lisa Renee]Hide Your Crazy (KPD Motorcycle Patrol Book 1) by [Vale, Lani Lynn]

  1. 28 Dates (Crazy Love #3) by Stacey Lynn (contemporary)
  2. Command and Control (Holding Out for a Hero #2) by Shelli Stevens (military)
  3. Hide Your Crazy (KPD Motorcycle Patrol #1) by Lani Lynn Vale (cops)
  4. Kickin’ It (Red Card #2) Rachel Van Dyken (contemporary)
  5. Whiskey (Case Brothers #4) by Tessa Layne (contemporary)
  6. Naughty Stranger (Dangerous Love #1) by Stacey Kennedy (contemporary)
  7. One Man (Naked Trilogy #1) by Lisa Renee Jones (romantic suspense)
  8. Royal Charmer (Rourkes #4) by Kylie Gilmore (contemporary)
  9. SEAL Out of Water (Silver SEALs #7) by Abbie Zanders (military)
  10. Sexy Filthy Boss (White Collar Brothers #1) by Piper Rayne (contemporary)
  11. Take Me Down (Knight Brothers #2) by Carly Phillips
  12. Their Matchmaker (Two Plus One #2) by Allyson Lindt (MMF)
  13. A Touch of Class (Tales of the Were) by Bianca D’Arc (shifters)
  14. Vow of Sacrifice (Vow #5) by Emma Renshaw (romantic suspense)

June 13

Rokul: Science Fiction Adventure Romance (Conquered World Book 8) by [Wyn, Elin ]Theirs to Take (The Last First Kiss Book 4) by [Ramsey, K.L.]Unruly Norse (Love Without Limits Book 3) by [Love, Frankie, Seabrook, C.M.]

  1. Dirty & Filthy by Kharma Kelley (erotica)
  2. Rokul (Conquered World #8) by Elin Wyn (sci-fi)
  3. Theirs to Take (The Last First Kiss #4) by K.L. Ramsey (erotica)
  4. Unruly Norse (Love Without Limits #3) by Frankie Love & C.M. Seabrook (romantic suspense)

June 17

A Deal with Death (Crescent City Wolf Pack Book 4) by [Pulkinen, Carrie]Within Range (Ranger Ops Book 2) by [Petrova, Em ]Dirty Irish (Murphy Brothers Book 3) by [Vernon, Magan]

  1. A Deal With Death (Crescent City Wolf Pack #4) by Carrie Pulkinen (shifters)
  2. Dirty Irish (Murphy Brothers #3) by Magan Vernon (contemporary)
  3. Within Range (Ranger Ops #2) by Em Petrova (romantic suspense)

June 18

Taming a Defiant Duke (Taming the Duke's Heart Book 8) by [Andresen, Tammy]Secret Cowboy (The House of Morgan Book 14) by [Pinder, Victoria]Unconventional Therapy by [Rashaan, Shakir]

  1. For His Pleasure (Forbidden Lovers #3) by Shelly Bell (contemporary)
  2. Hitched to the Alien General (Warriors of Lathar #8) by Mina Carter (sci-fi)
  3. Secret Cowboy (House of Morgan #14) by Victoria Pinder (cowboys)
  4. Secrets of a Highland Warrior (Lochmore Legacy #4) by Nicole Locke (Scots)
  5. Taming a Defiant Duke (Taming the Duke’s Heart #8) by Tammy Andresen (regency)
  6. Unconventional Therapy by Shakir Rashaan (contemporary)

June 20

Aaron (The Casanova Club Book 7) by [Parker, Ali]Filthy Irish (Love Without Limits Book 4) by [Love, Frankie, Seabrook, C.M.]Sparking Sara (The Men on Fire Series) by [Christy, Samantha]

  1. Aaron (Casanova Club #7) by Ali Parker (contemporary)
  2. Filthy Irish (Love Without Limits #4) by Frankie Love & C.M. Seabrook (romantic suspense)
  3. Sparking Sara (Men on Fire) by Samantha Christy (firemen)

June 24

Drakon's Knight (Blood of the Drakon Book 7) by [Walters, N.J.]Warrior in Love (Odin's Bastards Book 3) by [Nantus, Sheryl]Shelter (First Response Book 1) by [Boston, Claire]

  1. Consume Me (Royal World #3) by Geneva Lee (romantic suspense)
  2. Drakon’s Knight (Blood of the Drakon #7) by N. J. Walters (dragon shifters)
  3. Shelter (First Response #1) by Claire Boston (firemen)
  4. Unexpected Commander (Unexpected #3) by Layla Stone (sci-fi)
  5. Warrior in Love (Odin’s Bastards #3) by Sheryl Nantus (paranormal)

June 25

One Night of Temptation (Wicked Dukes Club Book 6) by [Burke, Darcy]The Russian Reborn (Rise of the Dominants Book 3) by [Phoenix, Red]

  1. Alpha’s Promise (Dark Protectors #10) by Rebecca Zanetti (paranormal)
  2. Cowboy in Wolf’s Clothing (Seven Range Shifters #2) by Kait Ballenger (cowboy wolf shifters)
  3. Dark Matter (Four #3) by Margaret Watson (paranormal)
  4. Guild Master (Dark Warrior Alliance #19) by Tami Julka & Brenda Trim (paranormal)
  5. Her Other Secret (Whitaker Island #1) by HelenKay Dimon (romantic suspense)
  6. Heroes of Tomorrow (Boomers #4) by Heather Long (paranormal)
  7. His Favorite by Evie Clark (contemporary)
  8. Hot SEAL, Australian Nights (SEALs in Paradise) by Becca Jameson
  9. Justified (Loveless, Texas #1) by Jay Crownover (cowboys)
  10. The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite (historical LGBTQ)
  11. More Than a Rogue (Crawfords #2) by Sophie Barnes (regency)
  12. Nixon’s Promise (Gemini Group #1) by Riley Edwards (romantic suspense)
  13. One Night of Temptation (Wicked Dukes Club #6) by Darcy Burke (regency)
  14. The Russian Reborn (Rise of the Dominants #3) by Red Phoenix (contemporary)
  15. Seven Nights of Sin (Penthouse Affair #2) by Kendall Ryan (contemporary)
  16. Sign, SEAL and Deliver (Silver SEALs #8) by Geri Foster (military)
  17. Walker (Lighthouse Security Investigations #3) by Maryann Jordan (romantic suspense)
  18. When You Were Mine (Stone Lake #2) by Jordan Marie (romantic suspense)

June 26

Notch (The Lost Boys MC Book 4) by [Rylan, Savannah]Unspoken (The Djinn Wars Book 12) by [Pope, Christine]Speak of the Devil (The Broken Halos series Book 2) by [Daniels, Maya]

  1. Notch (Lost Boys MC #4) by Savannah Ryan (bikers)
  2. Speak of the Devil (The Broken Halos #2) by Maya Daniels (paranormal)
  3. Unspoken (Djinn Wars #12) by Christine Pope (paranormal)

June 27

Baiting the Royal: Royal Shifters (sexy version) (Shifter World®: Shifter Affairs Book 3) by [Corrigan, Nancy]Touched (Heartbreakers Book 2) by [Peony, Sophia]BlackWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 14) by [Le Veque, Kathryn]

  1. Baiting the Royal (Shifter World: Shifter Affairs #3) by Nancy Corrigan (shifters)
  2. BlackWolfe (Sons of De Wolfe) by Kathryn Le Veque (medieval)
  3. Puck (Road Kill MC #9) by Marata Eros (romantic suspense)
  4. Touched (Heartbreakers #2) by Sophia Peony (contemporary)

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