“Forbidden Firefighter” by Nyla Sky (Review)

Forbidden Firefighter Book Cover Forbidden Firefighter
Off-Limits Love #1
Nyla Sky
February 12, 2023
Kindle Unlimited

I have a secret, and it involves my best friend's dad.

A one night stand with a bad boy turns out to be the most forbidden fruit.

My heart drops to my stomach when I recognize his stormy grey eyes at our dinner table.

With his perfect lips begging to be parted by my tongue.

My best friend and her dad want to heal their broken relationship.

I'm terrified of damaging our friendship.

But our growing desire is becoming impossible to ignore.

My pulse quickens when he becomes my next-door neighbor.

Have you tried resisting a tall, chiseled, grey-eyed stud?

My life is about to burst into flames.

I’ve got a bad boy tease who won’t quit.

And a plus sign on a pregnancy test.


Does everything that happens in Vegas stay in Vegas? It didn’t go well for Mila. A hot rendezvous with a firefighter was supposed to be a thing of the past. Her world turns upside down once her best friend Bridget reveals the same man is her daddy. All Mila wanted to do was get over her stupid ex! It doesn’t get better when she discovers her pregnancy. What else could go wrong!?

Handsome firefighter Connor had no idea his daughter’s best friend Mila was his one-night stand from Vegas. What was he supposed to do?! It’s been a long time since he has spent some quality time with Bridget. How will he make it work now? Things escalate once Mila reveals she’s carrying a big secret.

Forbidden Firefighter is good and fairly short. You’ll easily get sucked into the juicy drama. The story reads like an addicting soap opera.

You’ll feel the anxiety and suspense looming over Mila. She has made a huge mistake sleeping with Connor. Honestly, can you imagine being in her position? Yikes! Even though Connor’s an extremely hot firefighter, it’s weird knowing you’ve slept your BFF’s dad.

Despite all the drama in Forbidden Firefighter, the author delivers a pleasant, happy ending. Connor and Mila work things out. And yes, for anybody wondering, this book shares its slices of steamy love scenes. You won’t be disappointed.

I recommend this book to anybody who’s into contemporary romances with age gaps, surprise baby themes, and handsome firefighters. If you’re looking for something you can read in a day and a half, Forbidden Firefighter is one of those books. You can’t miss it!

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