Steamy Romance Releases of May 2019

Don’t you hate picking up a book only to discover it’s #156,842 in a series? Yeah, I don’t like it either.

I realized in the past romance releases I had titles without adding which series they come from and their book number.

I’m sure you figured out which book is which if you’ve clicked on any of the links, but who wants to take that extra step? You want to know now!

In this steamy romance release post, I had the decency to enter titles along with the series and book number (yay)! Now you know which books to begin and catch up with any familiar series.

Here are the steamy romance releases of May 2019. May this month be a wonderful reading month.

As always, feel free to comment below which romance genres you’re searching, and I’ll find if any upcoming titles exist.

May 1

Cole: Desert Rebels MC Series by [Richards, Tory]Rogue Scot: Scottish Historical Romance (Brethren of Stone) by [Andresen, Tammy]Saved Between the Sheets: An Anthology of Stories that Get to the Point by [Boruff, L.A., Greenwood, Laura, Khan, H.K., May, Katie, Andersen, Lacey Carter, Lucas, Jessa, Walker, R.M., Burwell, Jaliza A., Wrigh, Edeline, Barret, Tabitha]


  1. Archer  (Wings of Diablo MC) by Rae B. Lake (bikers)
  2. Cole   (Desert Rebels MC) by Tory Richards (bikers)
  3. Rogue Scot by Tammy Andersen (Scots)
  4. Saved Between The Sheets by various authors (anthology)

May 2

Stripped Bare (Hammers and Veils Book 1) by [Love, Frankie, Seabrook, C.M.]Violet's Bucket List by [Embers, Tuesday, Twomey, Mary E.]Dark Obsession: A Novel of the Pure Ones (Pure/ Dark Ones Book 9) by [James, Aja]

  1. The Bashful Bride (The Ladies Club of Laramie #6) by Everly West (Victorian)
  2. Dark Obsession (Pure/Dark Ones #9) by Aja James (paranormal)
  3. Stripped Bare (Hammers and Veils #1) by Frankie Love & C.M. Seabrook (contemporary)
  4. Violet’s Bucket List by Tuesday Embers (romantic comedy)

May 3

Anthelion: Love and War, Book 4 by [Steffan, R. A.]Institute of Rebels (The Lost and Betrayed Book 1) by [Hartley, Clara]Keto's Tale: A Reverse Harem Romance (Monsters and Gargoyles Book 2) by [Andersen, Lacey Carter]

  1. Anthelion  (Love and War #4) by R.A. Steffan (sci-fi)
  2. Bad Girls (Rock Star Harem #2) by Yumoyori Wilson (reverse harem)
  3. Institute of Rebels: The Lost and Betrayed  (The Lost and Betrayed #1) by Clara Hartley (sci-fi)
  4. Keto’s Tale (Monsters and Gargoyles #2) by Lacey Carter Andersen (reverse harem)
  5. Safe Passage (Black Flag #1) by Rachel Ford (LGBTQ)
  6. To Steal a Kiss (Girls Who Dare #2) by Emma V. Leech

May 6

Soccer Mom (Killer Moms Book 1) by [Langlais, Eve]Kinky Baby (Sugar Babies Book 1) by [Parkerson, Charity]The Billionaire's Secret Flame: A Sweet Dark Romance (Forbidden Lake Romance Book 4) by [Johnson, Elana]

  1. Beached with a Baronet (Ravishing Regencies #6) by Emily Murdoch (regency)
  2. The Billionaire’s Secret Flame (Forbidden Lake Romance #4) by Elana Johnson (dark romance)
  3. Her Last Kill (Reapers Strike Force Book #2) by S.M. Butler (interracial)
  4. Kinky Baby (Sugar Babies #1) by Charity Parkerson (LGBTQ)
  5. Poison Garden (The Beautiful and the Deadly #1) by Tessa Tempest (fantasy)
  6. Reverb  (Twisted Wishes #3) by Anna Zabo (musicians)
  7. Soccer Mom  (Killer Moms #1) by Eve Langlais (romantic suspense)

May 7

Wicked Ways: Secrets & Sins by [Nolon, Shay]The Bluestocking (Wicked Wallflowers Book 4) by [Caldwell, Christi]

  1. Better Than Me by Kimberly Kincaid (doctors)
  2. The Bluestocking (Wicked Wallflowers #4) by Christi Caldwell (regency)
  3. Code Name: Genesis  (Jameson Force Security #1) by Sawyer Bennett (bodyguards)
  4. Dance With Me (With Me in Seattle #12) by Kristen Proby (contemporary)
  5. Downward Dog by Alana Albertson (dudes with dogs)
  6. Eli’s Triumph by Joanna Wylde (bikers)
  7. Fire and Obsidian  (Carlisle Deputies #4) by Andrew Grey (cops)
  8. Her Wild Ride (Red Dragon MC #1) by Heather Van Fleet (bikers)
  9. Hot To The Touch  (Brotherhood by Fire #1) by Jaci Burton (firefighters)
  10. Ignite  (Battleboro Fire Department #1) by Nicole Blanchard (firefighters)
  11. Sinful Ways by Temple Carver (erotica)
  12. The Skull Crusher  (Skull Series #2) by Penelope Sky (dark romance)
  13. Wicked Ways: Secrets & Sins by Shay Nolon (African-American)

May 8

Coven's End: Kane (Coven's End Series Book 1) by [Davis, Lia, Boruff, L.A.]January (Calendar Gals Book 1) by [Ouvrard, Jude]Wild Fate: A Shifting Destinies Bear Shifter Romance (Black Claw Ranch Book 4) by [Lane, Cecilia]

  1. Because of You by Jenika Snow (erotica)
  2. Coven’s End: Kane  (Coven’s End: #1) by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff (paranormal)
  3. January (Calendar Girls #1) by Jude Ouvrard (military)
  4. Master of Games (Gods of Vegas #2) by Sienna Snow (contemporary)
  5. Wild Fate (Black Claw Ranch #4) by Cecilia Lane (bear shifters)

May 9

The Perfect Catch (Texas Playmakers Book 1) by [Rock , Joanne]Dazzled by a Dragon: A Fun & Flirty Romance (Mystic Bay Book 8) by [Montrose, Isadora]Fix Me Up, Cowboy (Copper Creek Book 3) by [Lindenblatt, Stina]

  1. Cyborg and the Single Mom (OtherWordly Men #3) by Susan Grant (sci-fi)
  2. Dazzled by a Dragon (Mystic Bay #8) by Isadora Montrose (dragon shifters)
  3. Fix Me UpCowboy (Copper Creek #3) by Stina Lindenblatt (western)
  4. The Perfect Catch (Texas Playmakers #1) by Joanne Rock (sports)

May 13

13 Esbats of the Moon: A Magical, Medieval Romance (Nature's Tribe Book 4) by [Gray, Jacky]Montana Connection (Cascades Concealed Book 1) by [Daniels, B.J.]Wood Working: A Lumberjack Romance by [Loveless, Eliza]

  1. 13 Esbats of the Moon  (Nature’s Tribe #4) by Jacky Gray (medieval)
  2. Montana Connection  (Cascades Concealed #1) by B.J. Daniels (western)
  3. Wood Working by Eliza Loveless (erotica)

May 14

F-Bomb (The Bear Bottom Guardians MC Book 9) by [Vale, Lani Lynn]Marriage Training by [Angel, Golden]Warlord's Bounty (Chamele Barbarian Warlords Book 2) by [Sax, Cynthia]

  1. Beauty in the Broken by Charmaine Pauls (dark romance)
  2. Blind Luck (The Technicians #3) by Oliva Gaines (African-American)
  3. Embracing Linzy by Jennifer Becker (military)
  4. F-Bomb (Bears Bottom MC #9) by Lani Lynn Vale (bikers)
  5. Guarding Your Heart  (Baytown Boys #1) by Maryann Jordan (contemporary)
  6. Man Down (SEALs of Shadow Force: Spy Division #3) by Misty Evans (Navy SEALs)
  7. Marriage Training by Golden Angel (erotica)
  8. A SEAL’s Devotion (SEALs of Chance Creek #7) by Cora Seton (Navy SEALs)
  9. Tail Chaser by Alana Albertson (dudes with dogs)
  10. Unbroken by Jay Crownover (western)
  11. Uprising: Dark Horizons (Eternally Mated #7) by Valerie Twombly (paranormal)
  12. Warlord’s Bounty  (Chamele Barbarian Warlords #2) by Cynthia Sax (sci-fi)

May 15

Wyatt (The Son Series Book 2) by [Davis, Leanne]Revenge (Corrupt Empire Book 3) by [Bailey, Sarah]Kissing Killian (Face-Off Legacy Book 5) by [Quinn, Jillian]

  1. Coven’s End: Voss (Coven’s End #2) by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff (paranormal)
  2. Defend Me (Her Father’s Best Friend #3) by Ayden K. Morgen (new adult)
  3. Forever and Three Days  (Georgia Boys #3) by Chrissy Brown (erotica)
  4. Kissing Killian (Face-Off Legacy #5) by Jillian Quinn (sports)
  5. The Mortal Tempest (Undercover Elementals #3) by Anna Durand (paranormal)
  6. Revenge (Corrupt Empire #3) by Sarah Bailey (billionaires)
  7. To Teach a Gentleman (Reformed Rakes #3) by Jenn Langston (regency)
  8. Werewolves & Wranglers (Witch of the Wild West #2) by Kristen Banet (paranormal)
  9. Wyatt   (The Sons #2) by Leanne Davis (African-American)

May 16

The Beat Around Us: A Rock Star Redemption Romance (The Heartbeat Series Book 2) by [Meadows, Ellie]Determined (Storm Corp Book 1) by [Wilson, Gracie, Bright, Julia]Zero Regret: Z and Lilly, Part Two (Lost Kings MC Book 13) by [Lake, Autumn Jones]

  1. The Beat Around Us (Heartbeat Series #2) by Ellie Meadows (musicians)
  2. Determined (Storm Corp #1) by Grace Wilson & Julia Bright (billionaires)
  3. The Protective SEAL by Katie Night & Leslie North (Navy SEALs)
  4. Shattered (Eternal Brethren #2) by Shirleen Davies (Navy)
  5. Zero Regret  (Lost Kings MC #13) by Autumn Jones Lake (bikers)

May 17

June Forever (The Silver Foxes of Westminster Book 7) by [Farmer, Merry]Beachcomber Enemy: a Romantic Thriller (Beachcomber Investigations Book 10) by [Queen, Stephanie]The Sheik's Vengeance (The Diamond Club Book 4) by [Lennox, Elizabeth]

  1. Beachcomber Enemy  (Beachcombers Investigation #10) by Stephanie Queen (romantic suspense)
  2. June Forever (The Silver Foxes of Westminster #7) by Merry Farmer (Victorian)
  3. The Sheik’s Vengeance  (The Diamond Club #4)by Elizabeth Warren (billionaires)

May 20

Wilder (Military Intelligence Section 6 Book 2) by [Slade, Heather]American Fairytale (Dreamers Book 2) by [Herrera, Adriana]End Transmission (The Galactic Cold War Book 3) by [Bachar, Robyn]

  1. American Fairytale  (Dreamers #2) by Adrianna Herrera (contemporary)
  2. Blood Broken (Blackthorn #8) by Lindsay J. Pryor (vampires)
  3. End Transmission (The Galactic Cold War #3) by Robyn Bachar (sci-fi)
  4. Sugar Sentry (Sugar Daddies #13) by Charity Parkerson (LGBTQ)
  5. Wilder (Intelligence Section 6 #2) by Heather Slade (military)

May 21

Securing Sidney (SEAL of Protection: Legacy Book 2) by [Stoker, Susan]Ice Cream Lover (Baldwin Village Book 2) by [Lau, Jackie]

  1. Dangerous Heat (Aegis Group #8) by Sidney Bristol (military)
  2. Ghost by Janie Crouch (military)
  3. Hot SEAL: Tijuana Nights by Cat Johnson (Navy SEALS)
  4. Ice Cream Lover (Baldwin Village #2) by Jackie Lau (multicultural)
  5. Luck of the Draw by B.J. Daniels (western)
  6. SEAL Forever (Silver SEALSs #6) by Kris Michaels (Navy SEALs)
  7. SEALs of Honor: Kanen by Dale Meyer (Navy SEALs)
  8. Securing Sidney  (SEALS of Protection: Legacy #2) by Susan Stoker (Navy SEALS)
  9. The Shadow by Amanda McKinney (romantic suspense)
  10. Shouldn’t Have You (Fractured Connections #2) by Carrie Ann Ryan (contemporary)
  11. To Tame a Wild Cowboy by Lori Wilde (western)
  12. Touched by Flames (Hidden Realms of Silver Lake #7) by Vella Day (dragon shifters)
  13. Under Fyre  (Alien Dragon Shifters #1) by Cara Bristol (sci-fi)

May 23

Deflected: Game On in Seattle (Seattle Sockeyes Book 9) by [Davenport, Jami]After Wrath (The Deadliest Sin Series Book 2) by [McNamee, Gwyn]Jeremiah (The Casanova Club Book 6) by [Parker, Ali]

  1. After Wrath  (The Deadliest Sin #2) by Gwyn McNamee (contemporary)
  2. Deflected  (Seattle Sockeyes #9) by Jami Davenport (sports)
  3. Jeremiah (The Casanova Club #6) by Ali Parker (contemporary)
  4. Seducing the Billionaire’s Daughter by Marquita Valentine (billionaires)

May 24

Rockstar Going Down by [O'Dey, Rebel Nicks]Queens Ride Horny Dragons: A Scorching Hot Reverse Harem (A Touch of Dragon Fire Book 3) by [Ryan, Holly]The Bet: Enemies To Lovers Romance (North Woods University Book 1) by [Beck, J.L., Hallman, Cassandra]

  1. The Bet (North Woods University #1) by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman (college)
  2. Lion (Galactic Cyborg Heat Series #20) by Jessie Rose Case (sci-fi)
  3. Nine Rules of Engagement  (Barrington Billionaires #9) by Jeannette Winters (billionaires)
  4. Queen’s Ride Horny Dragons (A Touch of Dragon Fire #3) by Holly Ryan
  5. Rock Star Going Down by Rebel Nicks O’Dey (musicians)

May 27

Haunted by Her: Seduction (Shattered Lives Book 3) by [Love, Lanie]Tap'd Out (Dead Presidents MC Book 5) by [Stone, Harley]THE CONSPIRATOR (THE THOMAS SECURITY SERIES Book 3) by [SIVENDRA, BROOKE , SIVENDRA, BROOKE]

  1. The Conspirator (Thomas Security #3) by Brooke Sivendra (military)
  2. Haunted by Her  (Shattered Lives #3) by Lanie Love (contemporary)
  3. Tap’D Out  (Dead Presidents MC #5) by Harley Stone (bikers)

May 28

Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers Book 2) by [Harte, Marie]Unexpected (Start Up in the City Book 1) by [Rimmer, Kelly]

  1. Aces Over Queens  (The Drift #8) by Susan Hayes (sci-fi)
  2. Admission (Jayce & Sabrina #2) by K.D. Clark (new adult)
  3. Coven’s End: Jillian (Coven’s End #4) by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff (paranormal)
  4. Cowboy Rebel  (Longhorn Canyon #4) by Carolyn Brown (western)
  5. Hit the Mark by Aidan Wayne (LGBTQ)
  6. Hot SEAL: Hawaiian Nights by Elle James (Navy SEALs)
  7. Million Dollar Devil by Katy Evans (contemporary)
  8. My Solace (Bewitched and Bewildered #11) by Alanea Alder (paranormal)
  9. A Rogue by Night  (The Devils of Dover #3) by Kelly Bowen (regency)
  10. Runaway Heir  (Westerly Billionaire #5) by Ruth Cardello (billionaires)
  11. SEAL Wolf Surrender by Terry Spear (Navy SEALs)
  12. Smooth Moves  (Veteran Movers #2) by Marie Harte (contemporary)
  13. Spitfire in Love  by Isabelle Ronin (contemporary)
  14. Stealing Vengeance (Valkyrie Vengeance #1) by Kaylea Cross (military)
  15. Take the Bride by Carly Phillips (contemporary)
  16. Trusting Aaron  (Club Zodiac #5) by Becca Jameson (contemporary)
  17. Unexpected  (Startup in the City #1) by Kelly Rimmer (contemporary)
  18. Unsuitable by Lavinia Kent (billionaires)

May 30

Man Behind The Uniform (Invisible Veil Series Book 2) by [Williby, Jalpa]The Dragon's Discovery (Lochguard Highland Dragons Book 6) by [Donovan, Jessie]Rated Ex by [Fox, Ella ]

  1. The Dragon’s Discovery (Lochguard Highland Dragons #6) by Jessie Donovan (dragon shifters)
  2. Man Behind The Uniform (Invisible Veil #2) by Jalpa Williby (military)
  3. Rated Ex by Ella Fox (contemporary)

May 31

Hope Bridge by [Quinn, C.L.]Mac (the Brothers Book 5) by [Malone, Mia]Julia's June: A tale of Roman era historical romance and adventure by [Alba, C.B.]

  1. Hope Bridge by C.L. Quinn (erotica)
  2. Julia’s June by C.B. Alba (Ancient Rome)
  3. Mac  (The Brothers #5) by Mia Malone (contemporary)

Which books are you planning to read this May?

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