11 Pirate Romance Series for Pirate Lovers Who Can’t Get Enough

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Remember when everyone was absolutely gaga for pirates when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out? Everybody wanted Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) or Will Turner (Orlando Bloom). There’s even a few who daydreamed about Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) rocking their boat!

Anyways, if you absolutely love pirate romance novels, here are eleven series to keep you occupied:

1.  Sentinels of Savannah by Lisa Kessler

Magnolia Mystic (Sentinels of Savannah Book 1) by [Lisa Kessler]

Book #1: Magnolia Mystic (2018)

Quick Summary: Savannah psychic Skye Olson worries a greedy Atlanta businessman will take down her shop until an immortal pirate comes to her rescue.

Other books in this series:

2.  The Pirate Wolf series by Marsha Canham

Across A Moonlit Sea (Pirate Wolf series Book 1) by [Marsha Canham]

Book #1: Across a Moonlit Sea (1996)

Quick Summary: Isabeau Spence takes in the washed-up privateer Simon Dante. Together, they join forces to fight the notorious Spanish Armada and fall in love along the way.

Other books in this series:

3. The Romancing the Pirate series by Jennifer-Bray Weber

Blood and Treasure: A Romancing the Pirate Novel by [Jennifer Bray-Weber]

Book #1: Blood and Treasure (2011)

Quick Summary: Lianna Whitney winds up with a mysterious medallion, landing in her trouble with the Royal Navy. Captain Zane Fox only wants the medallion from Lianna for the money. Now, his top priorities may switch to Lianna instead.

Other books in this series:

4.  The Pirates of Britannia: Connected Worlds series by various authors

Savage of the Sea: Scottish Pirate Romance (Pirates of Britannia: Lords of the Sea) by [Eliza Knight, Pirates of Britannia World]

Book #1: Savage of the Sea by Eliza Knight (2017)

Quick Summary: Runaway widow Jane Lindsey seeks shelter with a Highlander pirate bearing a shocking secret. The pirate prince Shaw “Savage” MacDonald loves the pirate life. All of it changes when he meets the lovely Jane.

Other books in this series:

5. Captains of the Scarlet Night series by Lisa A. Olech

Within A Captain's Hold (Captains of the Scarlet Night Book 1) by [Lisa A. Olech]

Book #1: Within a Captain’s Hold (2015)

Quick Summary: Annalise Batherone is in a desperate run to Port St. Maria from a villainous duke in London. She hops abroad the Scarlett Night, not knowing she is stepped into the ship of the famed Captain Jaxon Steele.

Other books in this series:

6. Pirates and Play series by Vivienne Cox

A Rogue's Masquerade: A M/M enemies to lovers historical romance (Pirates and Play Book 1) by [Vivienne Cox]

Book #1: A Rogue’s Masquerade (2019)

Quick Summary: Admiral James Thomas has a heated encounter with a mysterious stranger at a masquerade ball.

Other books in this series:

7. The Vampire Pirate Saga series by Isadora Brown and Rebecca Hamilton

Sea of Darkness: A Vampire Fantasy Romance with Pirates (The Vampire Pirate Saga Book 1) by [Isadora Brown, Rebecca Hamilton]

Book #1: Sea of Darkness (2018)

Quick Summary: Top Sea Shadow (vampire) slayer Kelia seeks Drew Knight’s help to find answers of her father’s death. The only catch: Drew is a Sea Shadow himself.

Other books in this series:

8. Pirates and Petticoats series by Chloe Flowers

If You Give a Smuggler a Secret: A Women's Action & Adventure Romance (Pirates & Petticoats Action & Adventure Romance Book 1) by [Chloe Flowers]

Book #1: If You Give a Smuggler a Secret (2019)

Quick Summary: Keelan Grey is done with death, pirates, and arranged marriages. She’s training in secret to defend herself until Landon Hart discovers her. Landon knows what’s it like to keep secrets. He has a couple of his own.

Other books in this series:

9. His Piratical Harem series by Drake LaMarque

Cabin Boy (His Piratical Harem Book 1) by [Drake LaMarque]

Book #1: Cabin Boy (2019)

Quick Summary: Gideon Keene runs away to Jamaica to escape a dreaded arranged marriage to a woman. Soon, he finds himself in a love triangle between his pirate captain and the First Mate. Plus, he must deal with a magical cat, merfolk, and a crazy sea witch.

Other books in this series:

10. Forever a Pirate series by Maureen O. Betita

A Caribbean Spell (Forever A Pirate Book 1) by [Maureen O. Betita]

Book #1: A Caribbean Spell (2014)

Quick Summary: A dimension-hopping sex witch lands in the Caribbean spending nights with the alluring Jake Renard and stops and an evil sorceress from destroying the world.

Other books in this series:

11. The Curse of the Conjure Woman series by Kitty Margo

Lynna's Beau (Curse of the Conjure Woman Book 1) by [Kitty Margo]

Book #1: Lynna’s Beau (2013)

Quick Summary: Captain Sean Devereux disrupts Lynna Jordan’s perfect life for a promise she has made to him when she was his prisoner.

Other books in this series:

Honorable mentions:

The Devil's Luck (The Skull & Crossbone Romances Book 1) by [Eris Adderly]Regency Pirates: The Pirate Next Door by [Jennifer Ashley]Rescued by the Buccaneer (Pirates of the Jolie Rouge Book 1) by [Normandie Alleman]

  1. Cutlass and Lace series by Bethany M. Sefchick (3 volumes)
  2. Frenchman’s Island series by Nina Bruhns (2 volumes)
  3. Galaxy Pirates Alien Abduction Romance series by Alana Khan (3 volumes)
  4. Love on the High Seas series by Tamara Hughes (3 volumes)
  5. Pirates series by Karen Robards (2 volumes)
  6. Pirates series by Valerie Vayle (3 volumes)
  7. Pirates of Estovan series by Julia Knight (2 volumes)
  8. Pirates of Jolie Rouge series by Normandie Allen (3 volumes)
  9. Regency Pirates series by Jennifer Ashley (3 volumes)
  10. Sea Wolves series by Kinley MacGregor (2 volumes)
  11. Skull and Crossbones series by Eris Adderly (3 volumes)
  12. The Sutherland series by Kresley Cole (2 volumes)
  13. Van Der Lind series by Melissa Hepburne (2 volumes)
  14. Wicked Pirates series by Em Brown (3 volumes)

What’s your favorite pirate series?

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