Sweet 16 Colonial Romances to Read During the Fourth of July

If you’re a romance junkie, the Fourth of July may remind you of the colonial romance novels you could be reading. You’re in the mood for dashing British spies, handsome American captains, and rooting for strong colonial women who’ll fight for the love they deserve.

Rather stay inside than go out into big crowds to watch the fireworks? Here are sweet 16 colonial romances to read when you’re craving a colonial romance during the Fourth of July:

1. Be Not Afraid by Alyssa Cole

Be Not Afraid by [Alyssa Cole]

Two slaves plan to escape slavery in the brink of the American Revolution. However, their fight for freedom separates the couple. One pursues freedom fighting in the patriot’s side, the other joins the British to retrieve hers.

2. Finding Freedom (Lost in Time #1) by Kamery Solomon

Finding Freedom: A Time Travel Romance (The Lost in Time Duet Book 1) by [Kamery Solomon]

An art conservator from modern times travels back to the Revolutionary War. There, she meets the handsome British solider from the very portrait she was assigned to preserve.

3. Fire and Honor (Lightwood Affair #1) by M.S. Parker

Fire And Honor: The Lightwood Affair by [M. S. Parker]

A car accident throws an army medic back to 1775 into the arms of a British Loyalist she finds to be a little crazy.

4. His Colonial Rose (Master Husbands Book #0.5) by Vanessa Brooks and Beth Bennett

His Colonial Rose (Masterful Husbands Book 0) by [Vanessa Brooks, Beth Bennett, Blushing Books]

A Virginia colony southern belle is suddenly shipped to England to marry an English aristocrat under her father’s orders. She’s not too thrilled with the arrangement, nor her fiancé is excited with her hard-headed American attitude.

5. Independent Heart by Ann Bracken

Independent Heart by [Ann Bracken]

A woman’s best friend she loves turns out to be working for the British. Trusting her heart, she goes along with him and discovers he’s working for the Americans. Who is he really fighting for?

6. Lanterns in the Mist by Mairi Norris

Romance: Historical Romance: Lanterns In The Mist (18th Century Colonial Romance Scottish Hero): (Pre-Revolutionary Romance Beta Hero English Heroine) by [Màiri Norris]

A Virginia bootmaker needs a wife. Fortunately, a bride ship comes to the Virginia colony right on time. Having an English bride is one thing, but will everything fall into place just as planned?

7. The Making of a Duchess (Sons of the Revolution #1) by Shana Galen

The Making of a Duchess (Sons of the Revolution Book 1) by [Shana Galen]

A Duke doesn’t know his future wife is coming to the Colonies to make sure he’s not a traitor. The closer his fiancée learns his true intentions, the closer she realizes she has fallen for his charms.

8. Patriot Bride by Carolyn Faulkner

Patriot Bride by [Carolyn Faulkner]

An Englishwoman escapes from an arranged marriage for the American colonies only for her future husband to show up at her new home.

9. The Patriot’s Conquest by Bonnie Vanak

The Patriot's Conquest by [Bonnie Vanak]

A patriot vowed to fight for his country’s freedom grows feelings for a woman loyal to the crown. This woman is willing to turn him in as payback for her family’s debts, but love makes the task harder to follow.

10. Ravaging Charleston by Hannah Walter

Ravaging Charleston: A historical romance by [Hannah Walter, Stacy Juba]

A strong-willed Charleston patriot falls head over heels over a British commander she has known for the longest time. Now, she battles staying true to her roots and true to her heart’s desire.

11. Revolutionary Temptation (Revolutionaries #1) by Silvia Violet

Revolutionary Temptation (Revolutionaries Book 1) by [Silvia Violet]

An American captain and a sensual bookshop owner are on a mission to spy on the British. However, the deeper into the mission, the more the captain falls for his tempting partner.

12. Silver Storm (Rakes & Rebels: The Raveneau Family #1) by Cynthia Wright

Silver Storm (Rakes & Rebels: The Raveneau Family Book 1) by [Cynthia Wright]

During the Revolutionary War, a runaway requests a dashing privateer captain to take her to Virginia to reunite with her childhood sweetheart. The captain accepts her request, but his heart is not willing to let her go.

13. A Sweet Surrender (Hearts at War #1) by Lena Hart

A Sweet Surrender (Hearts at War Book 1) by [Lena Hart]

A native woman of the Onyota’aka tribe and a British soldier deal with the battles of their hearts and the events of the Revolutionary War surrounding them.

14. Sweet Vengeance (Duke of Rutland #1) by Elizabeth St. Michel

Sweet Vengeance: Duke of Rutland Series Book 1 by [Elizabeth St. Michel]

A British noblewoman is tired of living the quiet, gilded cage life. She craves adventure, and she receives her wish when she’s in the arms of an American privateer captain. Set during the rise of the Revolutionary War.

15. The Tory (The Rebels and the Redcoats Saga #1) by T. J. London

A British captain makes amends to regain his commission by reporting the union between the Six Nations of the Iroquois and the Colonial Army. As the situation heats up, he winds up falling for a half native-American innkeeper, making the mission more complicated.

16. The Turncoat (Renegades of the American Revolution #1) by Donna Thorland

The Turncoat: Renegades of the American Revolution by [Donna Thorland]

A woman falls for the British viscount who commandeers her home. Now, she struggles between fighting for her country and remaining loyal to her heart.

Which colonial romance are you reading right now?

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