Steamy Romance Releases of March 2020

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March is already here! Are you ready for spring, the flowers, and the bees? Probably not so ready for the bees or any bugs in general.

Overall, you’re ready for the latest releases coming out this March! Here are the steamy romance releases of March 2020:

(Note: Titles, book covers, and release dates are subject to change.)

March 1

Spoiled for Choice (Kings of League Book 1) by [Masden, E.J.]Our Waltz (Dancer's Dream Book 2) by [Zakrzewski, Ashley]A FILTHY Rock Star (Filthy Line Book 1) by [Kidman, Jaxson]

  1. A Filthy Rock Star (Filthy Line #1) by Jaxson Kidman (new adult)
  2. Hookup by Anne Marsh (billionaires)
  3. Our Waltz (Dancer’s Dream #2) by Ashley Zakrzewski (contemporary)
  4. Saving Us (Blackstone #4) by Nickie Nalley Seidler (action)
  5. The Sex Cure by Cara Lockwood (billionaires)
  6. Spoiled for Choice (Kings of League #1) by E.J. Madsen (erotica)

March 2

Texting The Enemy: An Enemies To Lovers Office RomCom With A Twist (Rhapsody Hills Book 1) by [Barber, T.K.]Spellbound After Midnight (Ever Dark, Ever Deadly Book 1) by [Collett, Jenna]Atlas (Eye Candy Ink Book 1) by [Hart, Shaw]

  1. Atlas (Eye Candy Ink #1) by Shaw Hart (contemporary)
  2. Change Up (Paradise Place #2) by Natalie Ann (sports)
  3. Epic Fail by Missy Johnson (satire)
  4. Mangled: A Pinnacle Heirs Prequel by LeTeisha Newton & Ginger Talbot (new adult)
  5. Spellbound After Midnight (Ever Dark, Ever Deadly #1) by Jenna Collett (paranormal)
  6. Texting the Enemy (Rhapsody Hills #1) by T.K. Barber (romantic comedy)

March 3

The Devil is my Boss (The Lucifer Brothers Book 1) by [Roberts, Makayla]Stripping His Armor (Shift & Seek Book 1) by [West, Mia]Sandor (Royal Protectors Book 1) by [Mizera, Kat]

  1. The Devil is My Boss (The Lucifer Brothers #1) by Makayla Roberts (paranormal)
  2. The Highlander’s Promise by Heather Grothaus (Medieval Scots)
  3. Kiss of Vengeance by S. Young (paranormal)
  4. Sandor (Royal Protectors #1) by Kat Mizera (royal)
  5. Stripping His Armor (Shift & Seek #1) by Mia West (LGBTQ shifters)
  6. Wicked as Sin (Wicked & Devoted #1) by Shayla Black (contemporary)

March 4

Sold to the Beast: A Bear Shifter Romance (Bear Justice MC Book 1) by [Knoxx, Ruby]Unexpected Master by [Stone, Layla]Guns Blazing by [Joy, Andréa, Roux, Alice la, Williams, A.C., V, Krissy, Gene, Letha, Riley, Claire, Osborne, Erin, Knox, Elizabeth, York, Elizabeth, Bosco, Janine Infante]

  1. Dirty Endeavors (Dirty Love Duet #2) by Sade Rena (interracial)
  2. Gladiator Bear (Gladiator Shifters #1) by Murphy Lawless (shifters)
  3. Guns Blazing by various authors (mafia romance anthology)
  4. Sold to the Beast by Ruby Knoxx (shifter bikers)
  5. Unexpected Master by Layla Stone (sci-fi)
  6. With This Secret by Georgia Le Carre (new adult)

March 5

Tangled Vows (Mistress Book 1) by [Stone, Anna]Echoes of the Runes: A sweeping, epic tale of forbidden love by [Courtenay, Christina]Trial of Thorns (Wicked Fae Book 1) by [Trombley, Stacey]

  1. Echoes of the Runes by Christina Courtenay (historical)
  2. Protected by the Soldier Tiger by Meg Ripley (shifters)
  3. So Toxic by Kelley Harvey (contemporary)
  4. Tangled Vows (Mistress #1) by Anna Stone (LGBTQ)
  5. Trial of Thorns (Wicked Fae #1) by Stacey Trombley (fantasy)
  6. Us After You by Claudia Burgoa (contemporary)

March 6

BeWitch Her (Descended from a Witch Book 1) by [Rose, Atlas]Cruel Obsession: A Dark Mafia Romance (The Obsession Duet Book 1) by [Beck, J.L., Hallman, C.]Slayer (Shadowborn Rebellion Book 1) by [Friberg, Cyndi]

  1. BeWitch Her (Descended from a Witch #1) by Atlas Rose (paranormal)
  2. Cruel Obsession (The Obsession Duet #1) by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman (dark romance)
  3. Down 4 My Man: The Lauryn and Lo Story by Angel Williams (African American)
  4. Slayer (Shadowborn Rebellion #1) by Cyndi Friberg (sci-fi)
  5. Sweet Pea (Burning Saints MC #4) by Jack Davenport (bikers)

March 9

Her Majesty is Here: A Reverse Harem Royal Fantasy Romance (Her Four Kings Book 1) by [Praks, Wanitta]Saintly Virtues (The Seven Sins and Saints Book 1) by [Mackenzie, S.A.]Forbidden: Snow White and the Se7en Deadly Sins (Fairy Tales that Bite Back Book 1) by [Trepagnier, JB]

  1. Dead Space by Leigh Kelsey (sci-fi reverse harem)
  2. Forbidden: Snow White and the Se7en Deadly Sins (Fairy Tales that Bite Back #1) by JB Trepagnier (paranormal)
  3. Her Majesty is Here (Her Four Kings #1) by Wanitta Praks (royal fantasy reverse harem)
  4. Mouthful by C.R. Grissom (sports)
  5. My Valdez Valentine (An Odds-Are-Good Standalone Romance #4) by Katy Regnery (contemporary)
  6. Re-Constructing Miss Jade by C.D. Samuda (BWWM)
  7. Saintly Virtues (The Seven Sins and Saints #1) by S.A. Mackenzie (paranormal)
  8. Work-Love Balance (Out & About #1) by Allison Temple (contemporary)

March 10

The Other Man (Rose Gold Book 1) by [French, Nicole]Never Too Famous (Success Book 1) by [Collins, Thom]Creole Kingpin (Magnolia Duet Book 1) by [March, Meghan]

  1. Creole Kingpin (Magnolia Duet #1) by Meghan March (romantic suspense)
  2. My Scoundrel by Cheryl Holt (regency)
  3. Never Too Famous (Success #1) by Thom Collins (LGBTQ)
  4. The Other Man (Rose Gold #1) by Nicole French (contemporary)
  5. Wish by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (contemporary)
  6. Yours in Scandal (Man of the Year #1) by Lauren Layne (contemporary)

March 11

Our Secrets & Lies: An Alpha Billionaire Bad Boy Romance (Billionaires In Dark Suits Book 1) by [Rain, Nova]From Bars to Ballrooms: A Regency Time Travel Romance (The Time Orb Series Book 2) by [Berkham, Callie]Choosing Lillian by [Battany, Rania]

  1. Choosing Lillian by Rania Battany (contemporary)
  2. From Bars to Ballrooms (The Time Orb #2) by Callie Berkham (time travel)
  3. Michelle: The Ties that Bind (Auction Night #3) by Ellie Masters (contemporary)
  4. Night Angel (Gargoyle Night Guardians #2) by Rosalie Redd (paranormal)
  5. Our Secrets & Lies (Billionaires in Dark Suits #1) by Nova Rain (billionaires)
  6. Unleash You (Cole Brothers #4) by Diana A. Hicks (military)

March 12

Ruined Goddess (The Persephone Trilogy Book 1) by [Fall, Carly ]Music Man (Romance in Rehoboth Book 1) by [Montgomery, K.L. ]Fireheart (A Standalone Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance) by [Haze, Michaela]

  1. Can I Kiss You? (Madison Grove #2) by Ja’Nese Dixon (BWWM)
  2. Fireheart by Michaela Haze (paranormal reverse harem)
  3. Music Man (Romance in Rehoboth #1) by K.L. Montgomery (musicians)
  4. Rescue Me (Holt Brothers #2) by Leila Lucas (musicians)
  5. Ruined Goddess (The Persephone Trilogy #1) by Carly Fall (paranormal)

March 13

The Initial Fall (Devinicus University Book 1) by [Dare, Michelle, Renteria, Victoria]Caged: A Paranormal Prison Romance (Wolfsbane Paranormal Prison Book 1) by [Reed, Payton]Infuse (Infernal Council Book 1): A Reverse Harem Romance by [Nicole, Maya]

  1. Awakened by the Passionate Sheik (The Ladies of Burling School #2) by Elizabeth Lennox (contemporary)
  2. Caged (Wolfsbane Paranormal Prison #1) by Payton Reed (paranormal)
  3. Infuse (Infernal Council #1) by Maya Nicole (paranormal reverse harem)
  4. Orion’s Belt by Loki Renard (dark sci-fi western)
  5. The Initial Fall (Devinicus University #1) by Michelle Dare & Victoria Renteria (paranormal)
  6. The Stand-in Groom (Wrong Way Weddings #3) by Lori Wilde & Pam Andrews Hanson (contemporary)

March 15

Billionaire's Fake Bride: An Enemies-To-Lovers Romance (Hamptons Filthy Rich Novel) by [Comeau, J. P.]Electrified by the Eel (Filthy Monster Erotica Book 2) by [Alexander, Harpie]Never Forgotten (The Salvatores Book 1) by [Egorov, Ethan]

  1. Bachelor in Paradise (The Rare and Unknown #8) by Shai August (shifters)
  2. Billionaire’s Fake Bride by J.P. Comeau (billionaires)
  3. Destiny for Dionysos (Olympians Ascending #3) by Sotia Lazu (fantasy)
  4. Electrified by the Eel (Filthy Monster Erotica #2) by Harpie Alexander (erotica)
  5. Monopoly Dad (7 Single Assassins #2) by Skylar Sweeney (contemporary)
  6. Never Forgotten (The Salvatores #1) by Ethan Egorov (contemporary)

March 16

GRADE A A$$HOLE (ABCs of Love Book 1) by [Booke, Vanessa ]Clarity (Hate to Love You Book 1) by [Albo, Anna]Heart-jacked (Messy Hearts Book 1) by [Parkerson, Charity]

  1. Clarity (Hate to Love You #1) by Anna Albo (contemporary)
  2. Grade A A$$hole (ABCs of Love #1) by Vanessa Booke (new adult)
  3. Heart-Jacked (Messy Hearts #1) by Charity Parkerson (LGBTQ)
  4. Rocco: A Reed Security Romance by Giulia Lagomarsino (action)
  5. Snowball in Hell by Josh Lanyon (LGBTQ historical)
  6. To Steal an Irish Heart by Darcy Carson (medieval)

March 17

Dangerous Engagement (Wedlocked Trilogy Book 1) by [Byrd, Charlotte]Dateless (Collins Brothers Book 1) by [Casey, L.A.]Fake It 'til You Make It (Ready or Not Book 1) by [Carter, Jayce]

  1. Dangerous Engagement (Wedlocked Trilogy #1) by Charlotte Byrd (gothic)
  2. Dateless (Collins Brothers #1) by L.A. Casey (contemporary)
  3. Fake It ‘til You Make It (Ready or Not #1) by Jayce Carter (contemporary)
  4. In Bed with the Earl (Lost Lords of London #1) by Christi Caldwell (regency)
  5. My Brother’s Best Friend (Brotherly Love #1) by Aiden Baates & Ali Lyda (LGBTQ)
  6. Southern Chance (The Southern #1) by Natasha Madison (contemporary)

March 18

Defended by Darkness: (The Fae Princes) (Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds Book 2) by [Bolryder, Terry]Orc King (Monsters & Princesses) by [Zade, Chera, Mills, Fanny]His Deluxe Service: Contemporary Romance (Billionaire Lovers Series Book 2) by [Wylder, Scott]

  1. Bayside Fantasies (Bayside Summers #6) by Melissa Foster (contemporary)
  2. Between Us (The Monroe #3) by Emma Tharp
  3. Defended by Darkness (Wings, Wands, and Soul Bonds #2) by Terry Bolryder (fantasy)
  4. For the Love of You (Pacific Vista Ranch #3) by Claire Marti (contemporary)
  5. His Deluxe Service (Billionaire Lovers #2) by Scott Wylder (billionaires)
  6. Orc King (Monsters & Princesses series) by Chera Zade & Fanny Mills (fantasy)

March 19

Swipe Right for a Cowboy (Riverrun Ranch Book 1) by [Foley, Karen]Own the Eights by [Sandor, Krista]Penalty Kill (Taking the Leap Book 1) by [Paulin, Brynn]

  1. The Inevitable Fall of Christopher Cynster (Cynsters Next Generation #8) by Stephanie Laurens (regency)
  2. Own the Eights by Krista Sandor (contemporary)
  3. Penalty Kill (Taking the Leap #1) by Brynn Paulin (contemporary)
  4. Secrets from the Nanny (Hot & Heavy in Paradise #13) by Dezi Dixon (new adult)
  5. Swipe Right for a Cowboy (Riverrun Ranch #1) by Karen Foley (cowboys)
  6. Theo by Raven Scott (dark mafia)

March 20

Alien Lover: Alien Bride Series by [Kingsley, Luna]Like Fire and Powder: An Immortal World Novella by [Hiner, Shannon A.]Irrevocably Shattered by [Ellen, S.C.]

  1. Alien Lover (Alien Bride #1) by Luna Kingsley (sci-fi)
  2. Her Mountain Master (Babes of Biggal Mountain #6) by Elaria Ride (contemporary)
  3. Irrevocably Shattered by S.C. Ellen (romantic suspense)
  4. Like Fire and Powder by Shannon A. Hiner (paranormal)
  5. Ren (Wylder Bluffs Mountain Men #4) by Tarin Lex (new adult)
  6. Their Perfect Storm (Wintervale Packs #2) by Milly Taiden (shifter reverse harem)

March 24

From The First Verse (Life of Debauchery Duet Book 1) by [Robinson, M]Lessons in Enchantment (School of Magic Book 1) by [Rice, Patricia]Pike: The Pawn Duet, Book One by [Frazier, T.M.]

  1. Attracting Aubrey (Gone Wild #3) by Avery Flynn (contemporary)
  2. Bully Me: Class of 2020 by various authors (anthology)
  3. Chute Yeah (The Valentine Boys #3) by Lani Lynn Vale (cowboys)
  4. From the First Verse (Life of Debauchery Duet #1) by M. Robinson (contemporary)
  5. Lessons of Enchantment (School of Magic #1) by Patricia Rose (paranormal regency)
  6. Pike (Pawned Duet #1) by T.M. Frazier (contemporary)

March 26

Drake: A Vampire Romance by [Drake, Selene]The Better Man by [Webster, Len]Cowboy Crush (Wildflower Ranch Book 1): Alpha Male Curvy Woman Short HEA Romance by [Palmer, Audrey]

  1. The Better Man by Len Webster (sports)
  2. Cowboy Crush (Wildflower Ranch #1) by Audrey Palmer (cowboys)
  3. The Dragon’s Need (Tahoe Dragons #2) by Jessie Donovan (shifters)
  4. Drake by Selene Drake (paranormal)
  5. Julius by Nicole Cypher (contemporary)
  6. Professor Richter’s Rules by Jessa York (new adult)
  7. Voyage of the Silken Siren by M.M. & T.C. Glenn (fantasy)

March 27

Asylum Bound: A Supernatural Prison Romance (Ashford Asylum Book 1) by [Ford, Analeigh]Badass Alchemy (Assassins of the Shadow Society Book 1) by [Marstens, M.J.]Goddess of Prophecy by [Taylor, Emily James, Rising, Blood Moon]

  1. Asylum Bound (Ashford Asylum #1) by Analeigh Ford (paranormal reverse harem)
  2. Badass Alchemy (Assassins of the Shadow Society #1) by M.J. Marstens (paranormal erotica)
  3. Dagger (Vegas MMA #1) by S.L. Sterling (sports)
  4. Goddess of Prophecy by Emily James Taylor (fantasy reverse harem)
  5. His Little Pyro (Forbidden Romance #2) by V. Kelly (erotica)
  6. Lord Primcock: The Vanity Mirror by Ellie Sandoval (steampunk erotica)

March 30

Abducted By The Warrior Prince: A SciFi Alien Romance (Lunarian Warriors Book 1) by [Ray, Roxie]Read Between The Lines (Freshwater Book 1) by [Williams, Belinda]Reckless Curves: Bad Boy Autos (Drive Me Wild Book 1) by [Evans, Bronwen]

  1. Abducted by the Warrior Prince (Lunarian Warriors #1) by Roxie Ray (sci-fi)
  2. Read Between the Lines (Freshwater #1) by Belinda Williams (contemporary)
  3. Reckless Curves (Drive Me Wild #1) by Bronwen Evans (contemporary)
  4. Rough Edge (Tannen Boys #2) by Lauren Landish (cowboys)
  5. Secrets and Sorcery (Dark Guards #1) by Lori Whyte (fantasy)
  6. Thief of My Thigh-Highs by Tessa Wood (contemporary)

March 31

Shades of Henry (The Flophouse Book 1) by [Lane, Amy]To Tame A Fae: Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (Winter's Thorn Book 2) by [Young, Mila]Sweet Obsession: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Ruthless Games Book 1) by [Rose, Callie]

  1. Fate (Steel Brothers Saga #13) by Helen Hardt (contemporary romance)
  2. The Redemption (Filthy Rich Americans #4) by Nikki Sloane (billionaires)
  3. A Scoundrel’s Kiss (Escape with the Scoundrel #4) by Shelly Thacker (regency)
  4. Shades of Henry (The Flophouse #1) by Amy Lane (LGBTQ)
  5. Sweet Obsession (Ruthless Games #1) by Callie Rose (dark reverse harem)
  6. To Tame a Fae (Winter’s Thorn #2) by Mila Young (fantasy reverse harem)

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