Steamy Romance Releases of January 2020

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My two favorite things about the new year: fireworks and NEW BOOKS!

Which romance novels are you ready to read in 2020? How many?

I’ve found plenty of books you can start reading in the new year. Prepare yourself the steamy romance releases of January 2020!

(Note: Dates, titles, and covers are subject to change.)

January 1

A Private Affair: A Steamy Workplace Romance by [Arthur, A.C.]Song of a Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Arch Through Time Book 11) by [Baker, Katy]Witching Moon: A Paranormal FF Romance by [Woods, Poppy]

  1. Envied (The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle #10) by Colette Gale (fantasy)
  2. The Gatekeeper (Myths, Legends, and Monsters #1) by K. Alex Walker (paranormal)
  3. A Private Affair by A.C. Arthur (contemporary)
  4. Song of a Highlander (Arch Through Time #11) by Katy Baker (time travel)
  5. Witching Moon by Poppy Woods (LGBTQ paranormal)

January 2

Shelter Me (A Frazier Falls Novel Book 2) by [Collins, Kelly]An Unexpected Match by [Dayne, Arianna J.]Cammers With Benefits (FWB Series Book 1) by [Spring, Kaylee]

  1. Cammers with Benefits (FWB #1) by Kayelle Spring (contemporary)
  2. Shelter Me (Frazier Falls #2) by Kelly Collins (contemporary)
  3. Stolen Choices (Glacial Blood #6) by Anna Edwards (paranormal)
  4. Sweeter by Eve Dangerfield (contemporary)
  5. An Unexpected Match by Arianna J. Dayne (BDSM)

January 3

Chaos & the Geek (Grace Grayson Security Book 1) by [Stevens, Elizabeth]The Games We Play by [Allen, Lorrain]Chosen by the Dragon: Omegaverse Gothic Romance (Cruel Selection Dragon Series Book 1) by [Rose, Atlas]

  1. Chaos & The Geek (Grace Grayson Security #1) by Elizabeth Stevens (new adult)
  2. Chosen by the Dragon (Cruel Selection Dragon #1) by Atlas Rose (paranormal-omegaverse)
  3. The Duke of Paris (Tales from the Grand Tour #1) by Merry Farmer (regency)
  4. Fate & Flowers (Be Mine #1) by Rowan Nash (contemporary)
  5. The Games We Play by Lorrain Allen (African American)
  6. Kissing & Telling (Breaking the Rules #1) by Jenna Reed (contemporary)

January 6

Faking It as the Maid by [James, Emily ]Little White Lies (Truth or lies Series Book 1) by [Ouvrard, Jude]Icy Dare (Springwood Book 8) by [Burke, Aliyah]

  1. Faking It as The Maid by Emily James (contemporary)
  2. For Sir (The K Club #1) by Rachell Nichole (billionaires)
  3. Icy Dare (Springwood #8) by Aliyah Burke (BWWM)
  4. Little White Lies (Truth or Lies #1) by Jude Ouvrard (contemporary)
  5. Protecting Damian (Blooming Desire #3) by Anders Grey (LGBTQ musicians)
  6. Whatever It Takes by S. Jones (contemporary)

January 7

Five Days With A Duke (The Heart of a Scandal Book 5) by [Caldwell, Christi]Just Kidding (SWAT Generation 2.0 Book 1) by [Vale, Lani Lynn]Tempted to Kiss (Hard to Love Book 3) by [Winters, W., Winters, Willow]

  1. Come Back for Me by Corinne Michaels (contemporary)
  2. Five Days with a Duke (The Heart of a Scandal #5) by Christi Caldwell (regency)
  3. Just Kidding (SWAT Generation 2.0 #1) by Lani Lynn Vale (police)
  4. Royal Playboy (Playboy Prince Duet #1) by Nana Malone (royals)
  5. A SEAL’s Struggle (SEALS of Chance Creek #9) by Cora Seton (military)
  6. Tempted to Kiss (Hard to Love #3) by W. Winters & Willow Winters (contemporary)

January 8

A Lady's Ruinous Plan (Rumor Has It Book 1) by [Darling, Lora]It All Began With A Note (Accidentally in Love Book 1) by [Shander, H.M.]Heart Bandit (Gargoyle Night Guardians Book 1) by [Redd, Rosalie ]

  1. The Bear’s Surrogate (Shifter Surrogate Agency #2) by Layla Silver (shifters)
  2. Heart Bandit (Gargoyle Night Guardians #1) by Rosalie Redd (paranormal)
  3. It All Began with a Note (Accidentally in Love #1) by H.M. Shander (contemporary)
  4. A Lady’s Ruinous Plan (Rumor Has It #1) by Lora Darling (regency)

January 10

Humans Must Kneel (Possessive Aliens) by [Renard, Loki]The Highlander's Angel: a medieval buddy-cop romance (The Highland Angels Book 1) by [Lee, Caroline]My Pretty (Mischief Matchmakers Book 1) by [Fay, Madeline]

  1. Brayden’s Return (Paranormals of Avynwood #5) by Michelle Dare (shifters)
  2. Everything She Thought by Cin Medley (contemporary)
  3. The Highlander’s Angel (The Highland Angels #1) by Caroline Lee (Scots)
  4. Humans Must Kneel by Loki Renard (sci-fi)
  5. My Pretty (Mischief Matchmakers #1) by Madeline Fay (fantasy)
  6. Ride by Nina Dawn (contemporary)

January 13

Until Mister (Cubs for Rent Book 5) by [Parkerson, Charity]Reaper (Reckoning MC Seer Book 1) by [Kelly, BE]Husband Material (A Summer for Scandal) by [Jackson, Brenda]

  1. Catching the Doctor (Passion’s Price #2) by Lily Bly (contemporary)
  2. Husband Material (A Summer of Scandal) by Brenda Jackson (African American)
  3. Reaper (Reckoning MC Seer #1) by BE Kelly (bikers)
  4. Sugar & Spice: Valentine’s in Holiday Valley by Kaylin Evans (contemporary)
  5. Until Mister (Cubs for Rent #5) by Charity Parkerson (LGBTQ)
  6. When the Stars Align (West Side #1) by Isabel Jolie (contemporary)

January 14

Wake Me (Distracted Book 1) by [Sanders, Jill ]Misadventures with a Firefighter by [Morgan, Julie]The Girlfriend Rescue: A K9 Handler Romance (Disaster City Search and Rescue Book 1) by [Brandt, Jenna]

  1. Getting Off Easy (Boys of the Big Easy #4) by Erin Nicholas (firefighters)
  2. The Girlfriend Rescue (Disaster City Search and Rescue #1) by Jenna Brandt (K9 police)
  3. Ice’s Icing (Heroes for Hire #20) by Dale Mayer (military)
  4. Misadventures with a Firefighter by Julie Morgan (firefighters)
  5. Mountain Desire (Wild Mountain Men #3) by Vanessa Vale (contemporary)
  6. Wake Me (Distracted #1) by Jill Sanders (contemporary)

January 15

The Catch (Summer Nights Series Book 1) by [Mae, Lauren H.]Iron Arm (Hauteville Hearts Book 1) by [Loper, Kimberly]Strange Love: An Alien Abduction romance (Galactic Love Book 1) by [Aguirre, Ann]

  1. Bishop (Dead Legion #1) by Kasey Krane (bikers)
  2. The Catch (Summer Nights #1) by Lauren H. Mae (contemporary)
  3. The Groom Wager (Wrong Way Weddings #1) by Lori Wilde & Pam Andrews Hanson (contemporary)
  4. Iron Arm (Hauteville Harts #1) by Kimberly Loper (medieval)
  5. Last First Kiss by Patricia Evans Cox (contemporary)
  6. Strange Love (Galactic Love #1) by Ann Aguirre (sci-fi)

January 16

Building Bridges (Bridges Brothers Book 1) by [Fairchild, Lia]Thick & Thin (THIRDS Book 8) by [Cochet, Charlie]Claimed by the Rogue Wolf (The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest Book 1) by [Strassel, Kristen]

  1. According to Plan by Dee Lagasse (contemporary)
  2. Building Bridges (Bridges Brothers #1) by Lia Fairchild (military)
  3. Claimed by the Rogue Wolf (The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest #1) by Kristen Strassel (shifters)
  4. Talk Dirty, Cowboy (Dirty Cowboy #1) by Elle Thorpe (cowboys)
  5. Thick & Thin (Thirds #8) by Charlie Cochet (LGBTQ action)
  6. Unconditional by Lexxie Couper (contemporary)

January 17

Snowbound Squeeze: A Ponderosa Resort Novella (Ponderosa Resort Romantic Comedies Book 8) by [Fenske, Tawna]Thickerella by [Glover, Tanzania]Ever's Last (Chicken Fried Love Book 1) by [Rose, Cedar]

  1. Ever’s Last (Chicken Fried Love #1) by Cedar Rose (Contemporary)
  2. Immortal (Dark Angels #1) by M.L. Guida (paranormal)
  3. Love & Letters: Holiday Hotties (Be Mine #2) by Rowan Nash (LGBTQ)
  4. Snowbound Squeeze (Ponderosa Resort Romantic Comedies #8) by Tawna Fenske (romantic comedy)
  5. Thickerella by Tanzania Glover (African-American)

January 20

Playing Her Captain (Kings of Shifter U Book 1) by [Taylor, Domino]Headliners (London Celebrities Book 5) by [Parker, Lucy]The Night King (Captive Mates Book 1) by [Chick, Dyan]

  1. Headliners (London Celebrities #5) by Lucy Parker (interracial)
  2. The Night King (Captive Mates #1) by Dyan Chick (new adult paranormal)
  3. Playing Her Captain (Kings of Shifter U #1) by Domino Taylor (new adult shifters)
  4. Power Play (Power Play #1) by Kennedy L. Mitchell (romantic suspense)
  5. Whiskey River (Bayou Belles #3) by Bria Marlowe (contemporary)

January 21

Kerrick (The Mavericks Book 1) by [Mayer, Dale]Herd That (The Valentine Boys Book 1) by [Vale, Lani Lynn]Raising Lucy (Surrender Book 1) by [Jameson, Becca]

  1. Anyone But Nick (Anyone But #3) by Penelope Bloom (contemporary)
  2. Herd That (The Valentine Boys #1) by Lani Lynn Vale (cowboys)
  3. Kerrick (The Mavericks #1) by Dale Mayer (military)
  4. No Inhibitions (Dirty Sexy Fairy Tales #3) by Erika Wilde (new adult)
  5. Raising Lucy (Surrender #1) by Becca Jameson (contemporary)
  6. Whatever It Takes (Bad Reputation Duet #1) by Krista Richie & Becca Ritchie (new adult)

January 22

A Sweetheart for Sophie (Lotus Season Book 1) by [Mayne, Gillian]A Wanton Indiscretion (Wild, Wicked and Wanton) by [Blackthorne, Natasha]Consort: A Collective World Novel (Lucifer's War Trilogy Book 1) by [Davis, Lia, Boruff, L.A]

  1. Consort (Lucifer’s War Trilogy #1) by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff (paranormal)
  2. Remember Us: A Second Chance Romance (Love Endures #3) by Susan Warner (contemporary)
  3. A Sweetheart for Sophie (Lotus Season #1) by Gillian Mayne (contemporary)
  4. A Wanton Indiscretion (Wild, Wicked, & Wanton) by Natasha Blackthorne (regency)

January 23

The Good, the Bad, and the Cyborg (Cyborgs on Mars Book 1) by [Phillips, Honey]Discovering Destiny (Familiar Magick Book 1) by [Kade, Abigail]Brutal & Raw: Mafia Romance & Psychological Thriller (Beneventi Family Book 1) by [Jesus, Sonya]

  1. Brutal & Raw (Beneventi Family #1) by Sonya Jesus (mafia thriller romance)
  2. Discovering Destiny (Familiar Magick #1) by Abigail Kade (paranormal)
  3. The Good, The Bad, and the Cyborg (Cyborgs of Mars #1) by Honey Phillips (sci-fi)
  4. Nine First Dates by Jennifer Ryder (romantic comedy)
  5. Power Play by Lark Maren (LGBTQ sports)
  6. Reluctant to Love (Written in the Stars #1) by Rebecca Gallo (contemporary)

January 24

Rendezvous in Paris (Tales from the Grand Tour Book 2) by [Farmer, Merry]Kyra: The Irishman’s Wife (For The Love Of The Irish Book 2) by [Vee, V.]Chandelier (Tarnished Crowns Trilogy Book 1) by [Dyer, Annie]

  1. Chandelier (Tarnished Crowns #1) by Annie Dyer (royal romantic suspense)
  2. The Dater’s Handbook (Canyon Beach Romance #3) by Jaimie Case (contemporary)
  3. Hope’s Kiss (Securities International #7) by E.M. Shue (romantic suspense)
  4. Kyra: The Irishman’s Wife (For the Love of the Irish #2) by V. Vee (BWWM)
  5. Rendezvous in Paris (Tales from the Grand Tour #2) by Merry Farmer (LGBTQ regency)
  6. The Secrets of Montclair Academy by Charlotte Jack (high school bully romance)

January 25

BEASTS: A Dark Beauty & The Beast Reverse Harem Retelling by [Snow, Scarlett, Collections, Sinister]Dimitri Driven: An Over The Top Alpha Driven older man younger woman insta-love romance (Bad Russian Book 7) by [May Ball, Alice]The Outlaw's Bride (Wyoming Book 1) by [Nordin, Ruth Ann]

  1. Beasts by Scarlett Snow (dark reverse harem fantasy)
  2. Dimitri Driven (Bad Russian #7) by Alice May Ball (OMYW *older man, younger woman*)
  3. Fever (The Hordesmen #4) by Milana Jacks (sci-fi)
  4. The Outlaw’s Bride (Wyoming #1) by Ruth Ann Nordin (western)

January 27

About an Earl (What Happens in the Ballroom Book 2) by [Lloyd, Diana]What Happens in the Castle by [McKnight, Kelsey]A Matter of Manners (Shades of Sin Book 1) by [Graham, Terry]

  1. About an Earl (What Happens in the Ballroom #2) by Diana Lloyd (regency)
  2. A Matter of Manners (Shades of Sin #1) by Terry Graham (regency)
  3. Ride a Rancher by Elle Christensen (cowboys)
  4. Seducing Sabine (Home Town Hero #3) by Ava Night (military)
  5. The Sinful Scot (Saints & Scoundrels #3) by Maddison Michaels (regency)
  6. What Happens in the Castle by Kelsey McKnight (contemporary)

January 28

The Wild One (Corisi Billionaires Book 2) by [Cardello, Ruth]Feisty by [Kent, Julia]Keeping Quinn (The Next Generation Book 6) by [Edwards, Riley]

  1. And Then One Day (Magnolia Sound #4) by Samantha Chase (contemporary)
  2. Feisty by Julia Kent (contemporary)
  3. The Forgotten Duke (Diamonds in the Rough #5) by Sophie Barnes (regency)
  4. Insatiable (Steel Brothers Saga #12) by Helen Hardt (contemporary)
  5. Keeping Quinn (The Next Generation #6) by Riley Edwards (firefighters)
  6. The Wild One (Corisi Billionaires #2) by Ruth Cardello (billionaires)

January 30

Royally Betrayed: A Royal Bad Boy Shifter Romance by [Jade, Lea]Midnight Lover (The Midnight Brothers Book 1) by [Cooper, J. S.]Shutout: A Seattle Sockeyes Novel (The Scoring Series Book 1) by [Davenport, Jami]

  1. A Time of End (The Executioner Knights #4) by Kathryn Le Veque (medieval)
  2. Heart Strike (Project Kobra #3) by Tracy Cooper-Posey (action)
  3. Midnight Lover (The Midnight Brothers #1) by J.S. Cooper (contemporary)
  4. Royally Betrayed (Royal Bad Boy Shifter Romance #2) by Lea Jade (royal shifters)
  5. Shutout (The Scoring Series #1) by Jami Davenport (sports)

January 31

Four Day Prince Charming (The Robinson Sisters Book 1) by [Leigh, K]My Carolina Airman (My Air Force Fairy Tale) by [Fichter, Brittany]Blood of a Promise (Kings of Sterling Book 1) by [Taylor, Leeah ]

  1. Blood of a Promise (Kings of Sterling #1) by Leeah Taylor (paranormal)
  2. Dirty Sweet Valentine: And Other Filthy Tales of Love by Laurelin Paige (anthology)
  3. Forbidden Seduction (The Diamond Club #12) by Elizabeth Lennox (contemporary)
  4. Four Day Prince Charming (The Robinson Sisters #1) by K. Leigh (contemporary)
  5. The Minotaur Next Door (Shifter Enforcers #5) by Erin St. Charles (BWWM paranormal)
  6. My Carolina Airman (My Air Force Fairy Tale #2) by Brittany Fichter (military)


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