Steamy Romance Releases: February 1-4, 2023

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February is finally here! 

Are you excited? I’m freaking excited for all of Valentine’s Day (and Mardi Gras)-related books are coming out this month!

What are you looking forward to reading? Right off the bat, I’m ready to sink into The Orc Boss by Lark Green. It’s the first book I’ve heard about with orc mafias. Since I read Taken by the Bratva (review), I’ve fallen for mafia romances. Throwing orcs into the mix makes it even better

I have more to say, but I’m not going to waste your time lol. Here’s the short Feb. 1-4 list!

May your February be a great reading month!

(NOTE: Book release schedules and book cover art are subject to change)

Steamy Romance Releases: February 1-4, 2023

February 1

The Chemistry of Love by [Sariah Wilson]The Orc Boss: A Monster Mafia Romance by [Lark Green]My Vampire Valentines by [Wren Wylde]

  1. The Auction (Club Indulgence Duet #1) by Maggie Cole (contemporary, dark romance, auctions)
  2. The Chemistry of Love by Sarah Wilson (contemporary, opposites attract, romcom, fake relationships)
  3. My Vampire Valentines by Wren Wylde (vampires, paranormal, Valentine’s Day, holidays)
  4. The Orc Boss by Lark Green (monsters, orcs, mafia, fantasy)

February 2

Prince of Hate: A Dark Mafia Captive Romance by [Jagger Cole]Before Us by [Jewel E. Ann]Touched by the Morningstar: Touched by a Star (Rise of the Fallen Book 1) by [Kaeya Lee]

  1. Before Us by Jewel E. Ann (contemporary)
  2. Prince of Hate by Jagger Cole (dark romance, contemporary, mafia)
  3. Malakai (Sins of the Father #1) by Autumn Bridges (LGBTQ, gay, paranormal, angels)
  4. Touched by the Morningstar: Touched by a Star (Rise of the Fallen #1) by Kaeya Lee (why choose, LGBTQ, enemies to lovers, angels/demons, paranormal)

February 3

Portrait of the Duke (Suddenly a Duke Book 1) by [Alexa Aston]His Monster Within: An Alien Monster Erotic Romance Novelette by [Mei Kaera]Monster's Bride Part 1: A Reverse Harem Monster Romance by [Elizabeth Dunlap]

  1. His Monster Within by Mei Kaera (aliens, erotica, sci-fi)
  2. Monster’s Bride: Part One (Monster’s Bride #1) by Elizabeth Dunlap (monsters, paranormal, reverse harem)
  3. Portrait of the Duke (Suddenly A Duke #1) by Alexa Aston (historical, dukes, regency)
  4. Queen for the Orc Lord (Orcs of the Dracoverse #1) by Destiny Draco (orcs, fantasy)

February 4

Falling for the Monster (My Monster Love Story Book 1) by [Ashlyn Hawkins]Irreplaceable by [Cecillia Snow]Capricious Cupid: Book 1 in the Holiday Dimension Trilogy by [M. Susan Potter]

  1. Capricious Cupid (Holiday Dimension Trilogy #1) by M. Susan Potter (reverse harem, witches, unicorn shifters, elves)
  2. Falling for the Monster (My Monster Love Story #1) by Ashlyn Hawkins (monsters, paranormal, dark fantasy)
  3. Irreplaceable by Cecillia Snow (contemporary, brother’s best friend, short stories)
  4. Rise of the Alpha (Beyond the Pack #1) by Cassie Lein & Bre Rose (dark romance, why choose, reverse harem, shifters)

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